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X3 Editor

This program is now obsolete. Use X3 Edtitor 2 which has the same capabilities - except Galaxy Editor which is only available here.

X3 Editor is tool for modifying object definition files and galaxy maps of X3 Reunion / Terran Conflict.

It can edit their content and show them in human readable form.

TXT Editor

Serves for editing object definition files (located in types directory).
  • Can edit any X3 TXT (type) file in raw mode
  • Shows names of most fields in supported files
  • Shows names and descriptions of objects (like ships, wares, factories). This information is loaded from XML files
  • Some values are translated (like: value 3 at offset 20 in TShips file means 125MW shield)
  • You can add/remove guns and turrets with single mouse click
  • Works with modded TXT and XML files

Galaxy Editor

Serves for editing and viewing sector maps (located in maps directory).
  • Can show all objects with their names and IDs
  • Can move one object into another by drag and drop
  • Can show numbers in hexadecimal or decadic format and distances and coordinates in nautical miles, meters or game units
  • Have its own map
  • You can change object coordinates by simply dragging it on the map
  • You can create objects directly on the map on specified coordinates

Text Resource Editor

Used for viewing and editing XML resource files (like 440001.xml). You can add/delete pages and text or even create new document with it. It can also process some of the control characters in text and translate the hyperlinks (like: { 17, 20003}).


X3 Editor requires Visual Basic runtime libraries and Visual C runtime libraries.

The installer will check that the libraries are present on your system and download them if necessary.

Unfortunately it doesn't work all the time, so if you cannot start the program after installation, try installing the libraries manually to the same directory where you installed the X3E.


(you must have the respective version of X3 Editor)

File                                 Size         Date                Description
X3 Editor 0.14 to 0.15    216 KB    Mar 09 2007    Last version compatible with X3 Reunion.

X3 Editor

(full version)

File                        Size         Date                Description
X3 Editor 0.0.24    418 KB    Nov 03 2008   Only for X3 Terran Conflict.
X3 Editor 0.0.14    409 KB    Jan 16 2007    Last version compatible with X3 Reunion.

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