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X-Studio : Integrated Development Environment

This is a script editor for X2 The Threat, X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude.


Extract the archive to anywhere and run X-Studio.exe.
(When run for the first you'll have to select your language and game folder. Albion Prelude users don't need to select their 'addon' folder, just the folder containing X3AP.exe)


MSCI Script editor/compiler with auto-complete for commands, constants and variables
Searchable list of commands/constants (automatically links 'MSCI Reference' forum topics)
Display all local/global variables, all page/id strings, all script calls in/out of any script
Tooltips explaining many script commands/constants + showing properties of ships/stations/wares
Language file editor with a word-processor style interface for text and buttons
Supports language file string properties like author, title, columns
Create/export project files to group together scripts and language files
Reads/writes both xml/pck files
Automatic backup of open scripts
Extensive help file and program tutorials

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