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Firelance is finally out of beta and is now fully ready. Please report any bugs here.

Players can do story or non-story mode. Some cutscenes had to be disabled due to stability issues.

When you start a game, the universe will be initializing, and will be very choppy. If in story mode, just watch the opening cutscene until it smooths out.

All scripts have been rewritten and optimized since FL3.

Here are the highlights of what's in so far:

- 22 shields
- 36 guns
- 21 missiles
- Over 100 new ships and variants including the new and playable M7 and M0 classes
- Over 30 new sectors of unknown regions (not yet fully fleshed out yet)
- 5 new races
- Derelict ships the player can capture. To capture a ship, fly 50km from a fighter, or 250km from a derelict capship and a message will be sent telling you what to do to capture.
- AI ships now travel in fleets of around 5 capital ships, and have been placed in strategic and border sectors.
- AI now uses jumpdrives by default if equipped.
- Races will attempt to rebuild factories if they are destroyed.
- Races will respond to threats with deadly force. The response system has built from the ground up for FL4, and no longer relies on Jumpfleets. Commonwealth races will not issue responses against each other.
- Reputation matters. Capital ships cannot be purchased unless you have a high enough reputation. You need a Police License of that race to purchase them. A new menu will appear on your ship computer for Shipyard. As you rank up with the race, new ships will come available.
- Reputation consequences for destroying ships and stations are now much more severe. However, you can still take minimal reputation losses if you can manage to isolate a ship with no witnesses from it's owner race.
- BBS system stripped of fake news. BBS now only contains missions and other entries useful to players. News has been moved to a new system that will alert the player to real events in the universe. News can be enabled and disabled per race in the AL menu. News alerts only happen for races the player is on good terms with.
- Pirate raiding parties now spawn to plunder TS ships. If they choose a player as a target, they will demand you to drop your cargo. If you comply, they will take the cargo and leave you alone.
- Pirate smugglers now use jumpdrives to significantly increase their chances of actually smuggling.
- Players may now become friendly with the Pirate factions. Once the player visits Brennan's Triumph, you will be able to see your Pirate reputation. If the player's reputation is good enough, the Pirates will not select the player as a possible raiding target.
- The Yaki are a minor Pirate faction the player can gain reputation with. They do not hold nearly the power in the X2 timeline as they do in X3.
- Pirate Space stations are now owned and operated by a large cartel called the Dantai.
- Xenon now stage deadly raids across the universe with capital ships.

There are some significant combat changes:

- Missiles now ignore shields for fighters. Hornet class missiles ignore capital ship shields.
- Capital ship shields are now invulnerable to mass driver type, and wide area weapons.
- Wide area weapons are very dangerous to fighters, so fighter pilots are advised to keep their distance from combat where these weapons are deployed (Split and Paranid sectors will not care if the player is in range of these weapons when fired).

Race unique weapons and shields

Each race has a unique blend of weapons and defensive capability. Here's how they generally break down:

Argon - Master of none, solid in all

Boron - +50% Defensive capability, -50% Offensive capability (Boron weapons are Ion based, and take down shields at a rapid rate, but their hull damaging ability is very low in comparison to all the other races)

Paranid - -25% Defensive capability, +25% Offensive capability

Split - -50% Defensive capability, +50% Offensive capability

Teladi - +25% Defensive capability, -25% Offensive capability (Teladi weapons are universal for all races.)

Here are the fighter and freighter variants explained:

Vanguard - Less shielding and hull, more firepower, slighly better speed, acceleration and turning
Sentinel - Less firepower, significantly increased hull and shield, less speed, larger cargobay
Raider - Significantly less shielding and hull, significantly increased firepower, better speed. Glass cannons.
Military - All the advantages of the variants rolled into a balanced package. Not available to the player without capturing (attempts will not be appreciated by the AI).


Tanker - More cargobay room, more speed, only M class cargo.
Super Freighter - Significantly more cargobay room, more guns, more shielding. A bridge between TS and TL classes. Far less speed than standard TS ships.

There is probably ALOT more I am forgetting. But here's the mod

Installation Instructions

The English Steam version of X2 is recommended. If you do not have that, X2 version 1.4 or 1.5 will work fine with Firelance 4.

Windows Vista and 7 Compatibility

X2 should have the following compatibility options set:

Compatibility mode:
Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Priviledge Level:

This will prevent crashing and other odd bugs. 

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