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Here is RESULT of my huge work (300 hours total) indeed : making... looking... remaking again and again...
Hope, i catch eyecandy picture Rolling Eyes
This is TEXTURE MOD. All textures have HQ TGA format instead of old "cloudy" JPEG. All, what i have done - I improved textures files (some files changed) in the tex/true folder. This MOD must work with any savings and any mods, I not see any reason for not working...

SO, In a nutshell, -
Textures in the Game became more sharp, colourfull, clear and bright now.

Stars looks like real stars, but not like hume unclear pionts...
Gates looks like in X3 game.
Improved almost all objects - ships, stars, clouds, planets, lamps, asteroids, cockpits, fire, explosions, STATION INNER INTERIER....
Cockpits looks more accurate and sharp
I make a lot changes in textures ships and stations.

Anyway... better one time look than 10 times say around it....

ISTALLATION - just unRAR and place in X2 The Threat Dirrecory. This Texture Mod must be compatible for all versions of X2, because no scripts, no texts, no DATA added, only changing textures...  

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