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This requires either the Xai Corporation Basic Navigation Libraries or Advanced Navigation Libraries, available for download separately.




Equip a ship with the Mobile Drilling System and a Mineral Scanner to mine asteroids. If you want the same ship to collect the fragments then install the Ore Collector as well. If you want to use a second ship to collect the asteroid fragments then install the Ore Collector on that ship instead.

Any ship fitted with a Mineral Scanner can be ordered to survey the sector, placing asteroid markers inscribed with the asteroid's data near any asteroids it finds.


* Automining:

-Activating this command will cause the ship to search for a nearby asteroid and proceed to position itself ready to fire the Mobile drilling system(MDS). At this time any following ships equipped with Ore Collectors will automatically switch to the Collect and Transfer command with no target.

-If the MDS is not installed in one of the laser slots it will be installed in an apropriate slot.

-If you have the MDS mounted in the rear turret the ship will automatically rotate to face the turret towards the asteroid

-If the mining ship does not have an ore collector it will not attempt to collect ore, however a ship following it must be equipped with an ore collector in this case.

-Once the asteroid has been blown apart the mining ship will collect the fragments before heading on to the next asteroid. Any ships set to Collect will also collect the fragments.

-When the ship cannot find anymore asteroids to mine it will find a safe place to land. Note that the ship will only look for asteroids within it's scanner range.

-The mining ship will use a transporter device, if installed, to transfer ores to any following ship in range.


* Collect and Transfer:

-Ships following a mining ship that are equipped with an Ore Collector will automaticlly switch to this command when the miner begins it's cycle. New ships can be told to follow the miner after it has started and they will switch at the begining of the next mining cycle.

-If the ship has a transporter device installed it will use it to beam ore from the miner, and to beam it to any following ships, if they are within range.

-If you select this command from the menu you will be asked to specify a target to transfer to. Various targets can be specified, but mostly this will specify what type of target, and the range to look for targets, rather than specifying an exact target.

-If a target has been specified it will show in the command as either SHIP or STATION depending on what was specified. The ship will attempt to transfer the ores in it's cargobay when it's about 95% full.

-Choosing a player station will cause the ship to transfer it's cargo to any player station capable of holding ores (ore,silicon,nividium) within the same distance as the target specified. No money changes acounts

-Choosing a player ship will see the ship transfer ores to the specified ship, using a transporter device if installed, or by docking at the ship if possible

-Choosing any non-player station will cause the ship to search for the best place to sell the ore withing the distance to the target you specified. If you want the ship to search within one jump of the mining sector select a station one jump from the mining sector.


* Remote Mineral Scanner:

-Flys to each of the asteroids in the sector.

-Identify the resource type and yield of the asteroid and then deploy a Navigation Beacon marked with the stats of the asteroid at it's location.

-Tries to identify existing Navigation Beacons and not rescan marked asteroids but on larger asteroids or particularly dense fields some asteroids maybe marked twice or not at all.

-After marking all the asteroids the ship will try and find a safe place to land.



Artificial Life Pulgin:


It should be noted that the govenments of the main races have taken exception to the high numbers of asteroid markers left littering the sectors. You are encouraged to destroy any markers you deply, after they have served their purpose.


In the event that markers are not cleared up after use, 4 of the governments have deployed ships to destroy old markers left cluttering up the universe. These ships wander the sectors scanning for markers, destroying any that have obviously not just been placed.


You can dissable these ships from the al menu.



Known Problems:


-Cannot select which type of ore to mine (Ore, Silicon, Nvidium)


New to Version 2.3


+merged with the Remote Mineral Scan


New to Version 2.2


-removed the need for player in sector

-removed redundant transfer then collect command

+better positioning

+timeout on positioning to break endless loops

+better responces to many situations.

+now uses the Xai Corporation Navigation libraries

+now uses Xai Corporation Artificial Pilots for comunications.


New to Version2


+more reliable positioning before mining

+comunication and transporting of ores between mining ships and collecting ships.

+firing from front mount on demeter

+Transfer ore to player station/ship or sell for best price



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