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Compatible with x3tc 3.4 and XRM mod. Tested on a clean version of x3tc 3.4 and XRM mod. This is my first script.  I know I'm 10 years late for the party, but I just found this game.  I've downloaded and tried many scripts and wanted to give something back.  This is my thanks to the community.   The Space Object Transporter has a 5 km range and uses the transporter to teleport: -Space Loot: will stop you if cargo bay is full. -Astronauts: You can "save" Astronauts and sell them into slavery, or use the Release Passenger script by X2-Illuminatus to boot your notoriety. -Marines: Quickly collects Marines.  -Freight Drones: empty, partly full or full, as long as you have the cargo space. -Fighter Drones Mk1, Mk2 and Keris: Helps collects Drones. -Advanced Satellites and Nav Sats: Collect and reposition on the go. -Laser Tower: Quick pickup and redeployment.   Teleports one object at a time: -Your cargo bay is full, you toss out a Marine then see a missile you want and collect it.  You then go to pick up your Marine, it will stop you, otherwise it will kill your Marine. -It's a simple target and grab, so you can swing by a battle and collect the loot then be on your way. -Doesn't use commands, so it won't conflict with other scripts that way. -Works well with the NPC Bailout script by Thisisharsh and his suggested scripts.   Zip file also contains the .spk for use with CyCrow's Plugin Manager.   enjoy.

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