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Pirate Guild: Intelligent Pirate Behaviours 



Plugin Description 

The goal of this plugin is to make the pirates a bit more intelligent and organized than in the vanilla games. Each Pirate Base will now behave on its own, buying new ships, raiding TS, capturing ships, invading sectors, buying improved Lasertowers, and much more. This plugin also include a communication system (called ECS) with pirate pilots allowing the player to speak with them using an hotkey, as in the Yaki Armada plugin

When the plugin starts, each pirate base will receive a random amount of money and some ships. Then, periodically (20-30 minutes), each pirate base will send an order. This order can be to buy wares, raid a TS to steal its cargo, capture a ship, weaken defenses in a sector, invade an enemy sector, to generate money, to buy lasertowers, to send a patrol, ... 

Pirate ships handled by the Pirate guild will be "blue" to the player, except those from a base which is red to you. Those ships will also be able to use their jumpdrive, and to stay under cover until they reach their target.


Hostile / Neutral / Friendly Pirates 

When you start the plugin, it will send you an incoming question. It will allow you to set your initial relationship with pirate ships. Notice that the reputation evolve slowly. Pirates won't all suddently turn red when your relation will pass below a given point, it will take time. 

  • You can set it to "Enemy". Your reputation will be set to -50.000 points. All pirate ships except those handled by the Pirate Guild itself will be red. You can try to increase your standing by helping pirates through ECS. Or you can start to hunt ships of the Guild. The police will give you additional money for their destruction (by any of your ships). 
  • You can set it to "Neutral". Your reputation will be set 0 points. All pirates will be neutral to you. Attacking too much pirates will easily make them angry, though. 
  • And if you want to be a pirate and do not worry about some pirate capture from time to time, set the option to "Friendly". You'll get 50.000 reputation points and all the pirates will know you as one of them.


Key Features 

  • Pirates can become more than a simple annoyance 
  • Guild HQ giving orders to the other bases 
  • Basic Guild system and missions 
  • Pirate News Network available to guild members 
  • Dynamic handling of the relation between pirates and the player 
  • Additional payement from the police for the destruction of Guild ships. 
  • Jumpdrive enabled pirate ships 
  • Neutral pirate ships 
  • More weapon loadouts for pirate ships 
  • Improved Lasertowers for pirate bases 
  • Pirates ships able to stay under cover 
  • A communication system to chat with pirate ships 
  • Pirate bases trading in more goods (e.cells, weapons, missiles,...) 
  • Loot powered pirate economy



This plugin isn't compatible with the Friendly Pirate script (from TycHouse) as PG is already handling pirate/player relationship (making this script obsolete). If installed, it must be removed before installing Pirate Guild. Except for this detail, Pirate Guild should be compatible with all mods and known scripts i can think about. It doesn't need the game to be restarted from scratch and should be compatible with your savegame.



  • This plugin is DISABLED by default, you'll have to enable it in the AL settings (ESC / Gameplay / Artificial Life) to make it running. Once the plugin activated, you will be asked to choose your initial relationship with standard pirate ships. Those used by PG will stay 'neutral'. 
  • This plugin includes a library called ECS: Extended Communication System to handle communications between the player and the pirate ships & stations. You must assign a key to the "ECS: comm. a ship/station" command in your shortcut setting menu to be able to talk with them.

Once the key is assigned, just press it when you've selected a Pirate ship that is less than 8km away.



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