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X-Studio : Integrated Development Environment

This is a script editor for X2 The Threat, X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude.


Extract the archive to anywhere and run X-Studio.exe.
(When run for the first you'll have to select your language and game folder. Albion Prelude users don't need to select their 'addon' folder, just the folder containing X3AP.exe)


MSCI Script editor/compiler with auto-complete for commands, constants and variables
Searchable list of commands/constants (automatically links 'MSCI Reference' forum topics)
Display all local/global variables, all page/id strings, all script calls in/out of any script
Tooltips explaining many script commands/constants + showing properties of ships/stations/wares
Language file editor with a word-processor style interface for text and buttons
Supports language file string properties like author, title, columns
Create/export project files to group together scripts and language files
Reads/writes both xml/pck files
Automatic backup of open scripts
Extensive help file and program tutorials

Author Mister Bear
Date Wednesday, 09 May 2012 21:59
File Size 7.55 MB
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Excel Tabellenprogramm zum Berechnen von Warenpreis und Lagerkapazität
Author Iifrit Tambuur-san
Date Tuesday, 29 May 2012 20:20
File Size 18.59 KB
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MapTools (Version 2.1)

With this program you can automatically generate a 00749.bod file! The 00749.bod file is responsible for displaying the sectors and gate connections in the universe map. 


  1. F1 - Open your map file (for example "X3_universe" map).
  2. F2 - If you have a map patch, then click the "F2" key and open another map file (for example "x3_universe_2.0.xml" map).
  3. Edit the map. (Highlight one sector by clicking on it, afterward click on a free place in the map to move the sector to it.)
  4. Click the "F3" key. Afterwards the program will generate the 00749.bod file for your map (the 00749.bod can be found in the same folder, where the map file is).


This program requires:


MapTools (Version 2.1)

Mit diesem Programm kann man sich automatisch eine 00749.bod erstellen lassen! Die Datei 00749.bod ist für das Anzeigen der Sektoren und Tore in der Universumkarte verantwortlich. 


  1. F1 - Öffne deine Karte (z.B. die Datei "X3_universe.xml").
  2. F2 - Falls du eine Karte mit Patch-Objekten hast, dann drücke die "F2"-Taste und öffne eine weitere Karte (z.B. die Datei  "x3_universe_2.0.xml").
  3. Verändere die Karte. (Klicke auf einen Sektor, um ihn zu markieren. Klicke anschließend auf eine freien Ort in der Karte, um den Sektor dorthin zu verschieben). 
  4. Drücke die "F3"-Taste. Anschließend wird das Programm eine 00749.bod für deine Karte erstellen (die 00749.bod findet sich im gleichen Order, in dem auch die Karte liegt).


Dieses Programm benötigt:

Date Thursday, 14 June 2012 06:29
File Size 49.6 KB
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Mod installer by cycrow

Author Cycrow
Date Monday, 14 February 2011 22:44
File Size 8.8 MB
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Author doubleshadow
Date Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:28
File Size 1.63 MB
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Author doubleshadow
Date Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:28
File Size 1.38 MB
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Author doubleshadow
Date Thursday, 28 August 2014 10:36
File Size 418.15 KB
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Author vukica
Date Tuesday, 10 June 2014 13:12
File Size 348.82 KB
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zip8X-Studio1.08 HOT

This is a script editor for X2 The Threat, X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude.

Official thread for the editor can be found here: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=301433. Please refer to it for any support.

Author mr.bear
Date Monday, 23 May 2016 07:50
File Size 7.57 MB
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Mod Conflict Viewer 



i've written a tool that attempts to detect whether two mods or more are compatible with each other. 

It splits mods into 'alterations' and 'dependencies', and flags any attempt to alter the other's dependencies or alterations as a 'conflict'. It analyses relationships between backgrounds, bullets, cockpits, command IDs, docks, factories, files, global variables, lasers, local variables, jobs, missiles, scripts, shields, ships, stations, strings, wares, and wing command IDs. 



.NET Framework 3.5 



It can't check whether a single mod is compatible with your existing mods (yet). 

It doesn't examine mission director files or map files (yet) 



Run the program, enter your X3 installation folder in the 'options' window. 

Click 'New' from the file menu, select your mods and click OK. 

Note: the mods have to be in different folders. if they use catalogues, you have to number them from 01.cat upwards 


Author mr.bear
Date Saturday, 25 March 2017 13:52
Language  Multilanguage
File Size 122.23 KB
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