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TCM Tubeless Complex Mod Version:1.0
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Author Laux
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Uploaded by System on 17-08-2010, Size 1.27 KB
TCM Tubeless_Complex_Mod 
Compatible with all recent patches 

Thank you in advance to the two hard-working Tester X-Freak Cartman [KBG] and Victus [KBG], especially for the patience. Very Happy


Because of the many problems that can arise in the construction of large complexes, this mod has been developed. 
Above all, drops in performance due to the high number of tubes, but simply the most unsightly arrangement of the connections shall be reached spoil the fun. 

By removing this tube connections can now at least something to be rectified. The stations now seem to hover in space, but are still connected to the control center. It has also made sure that there is no collision more. One can freely move between the stations and will stick to any invisible connection. 

The gameplay ansich has nothing changed! The complexes to be constructed must still be set up as before. The use of reconstruction aid in the form of scripts is not affected accordingly. 


The Modpaket can easily be added to the list mods, or you can rename the catalogs and inserts it directly into the X3 directory 

Second variant lends itself especially when multiple mods are used. It is precisely at this point exclude the possibility that there may be some overlap or compatibility problems with other modifications. 

After installing and starting the game be removed from all existing complexes, the tubes. 

A little before and after comparison shows the improvement: 
(Images and complex created by X-Freak Cartman [KBG]) 

Before 6 FPS: 

After 14 FPS: 




If you uninstall the mod in newly built complexes, not all connecting tubes are displayed in-game. This also applies to complexes that extends to the installation of this modification and / or changed. 

To then display the complex again in the familiar view (with all the tubes) can be either 

1. the control and destroyed all be reconnected, 
2. a new station to be added. 

Currently there is no other solution to resolve this problem.
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