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Utilize and Repair Debris Version:3.01
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Utilize and Repair Debris WIP 
(Version 3 - 24 January 2009) 

First off I would like to give thanks to Xenon J for the initial scripts for this project. 
And he has allowed me to post and add to this project. 

So with a little learning here i will see if I can expand on this little project. 

Utilize and Repair Debris Overview 

These scripts allow you to either repair or utilize debris that are only pre-exsisting in the x3 universe, such as that inside President's End or the destroyed gates (which are then linked together) to claim as your own or have them disassembled into useful resources. 
It uses the same wares as your HQ for repairs and money for utilization. 

To use make use of the scripts make sure you are only in a TL or a TS 
Open ship menu 
Open Custom ship commands and Select Debris Salvage Interface 

And select one of the three menu options 

* Asses Repair Resources - allows the player to scan debris for required resources needed 

* Repair Debris - allows the player to repair any debris with required resources and credits. 
Depending what is being repaired, small ships should be instantaneous, bigger ships should take a little longer as well as stations. 

* Utilize debris - allows the player to scrap debris for resources 
(The player will need credits and free cargo space in hold) 
Also Utilization should be instantaneous. 

You can also repair damaged gates.... (as long as there is not another gate, such as the gate in Mysts of Elysium) 
Repairing 2 gates will take a TL, stocked to the brim with resources. 
To repair and link 2 gates you have to navigate to the first gate and repair it (it will be marked for linking) 
Then navigate to another gate and repair it too. 
Only repairing the last gate will actually require resources and should be instantaneous.Very Happy 

Technical Data for Utilize and Repair Debris 

Language file 


Command Slot (Custom command slot (English)) 
<t id="7277">A_Debris_Salvage_Menu</t> 

The Download for X3 Terran Conflict only 


* v3.01 
* Fixed debris subtype within scripts (still testing) 

* changed commands to menu system. (to use less commands) 
With a little advice from jlehtone I have changed the commands into a menu system so the script now uses only 1 command. 

* Italian language file added 

* Fixed a few errors 
* Initial release version 1
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